Activities for young people (<35 y) interested in buddhism.

Welcome to Triratna Young Buddhists NL!
We organize activities throughout the year for young Buddhists and young people interested in Buddhism. We practice Buddhism within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community. Our activities include meditation, discussion of Buddhist teachings, Buddhist ritual, and general socializing as well. We think our events are very ‘gezellig’ ;-). If you are new: let’s get together.  We’d love to meet you and we don’t bite!  Check out what’s coming up next.

See you soon!
Amritapurna & Jamie

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Please have a look at this brand new website: to see what events are coming up  in the Triratna young buddhist community.

And listen to the podcast by Dharmasara and Tarapalita. Living and practising in Berlin they share their experiences and stories about living a fully spiritual life. Episode 1: Why on Earth Are You a Buddhist? An entertaining exploration of Buddhism, religion, ritual and much more!

mrt 03

Berlin Buddhist Centre

3 maart @ 08:00 - 6 maart @ 17:00
apr 15

Young Buddhists Weekend

15 april @ 08:00 - 18 april @ 17:00
apr 29

Entering the Realm of the Guru

29 april @ 08:00 - 6 mei @ 17:00
jul 20

Young Women’s Retreat

20 juli @ 08:00 - 24 juli @ 17:00


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