Activities for young people (<35 y) interested in buddhism.

Welcome to Triratna Young Buddhists NL! We organize activities throughout the year for young Buddhists and young people interested in Buddhism. We practice Buddhism within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community. Our activities include meditation, discussion of Buddhist teachings, Buddhist ritual, and general socializing as well. We think our events are very ‘gezellig’ ;-). If you are new: let’s get together.  We’d love to meet you and we don’t bite!  Check out what’s coming up next.

See you soon!
Amritapurna, Gerda, Antonnie, Jamie, Rutger, and Marieke

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nov 21

Young Buddhists day retreat

21 november @ 11:00 - 17:00

Practical information:

  • Time: Saturday 3 October 13.30 to 21.00 
  • Booking:
  • 20 spots available
  • Location: WG-Terrein, Ketelhuisplein 41, Amsterdam.

[Special workshop] The Play of Now: Responding to the Crisis of World and Climate

On Saturday 3 October we offer a special workshop by Jayachitta, a teacher of buddhism who combines movement, improvisation and meditation in her practice. How can we use movement and stillness to respond to the overwhelming world crises we face today? Be welcome to join us in this dynamic, corona-proof exploration.  More info.

Practical information:

[Day Retreat] Meditation and Buddhism: finding your way in

Finding your way into Buddhism can be challenging, many things you read or listen to just won’t ‘hit
home’- but that’s OK! Our challenge is finding the thread of Buddhism and the Dharma that really does resonate with us deeply. The Buddha was keenly aware of this challenge and tailored his teachings for each person or group. The theme of this day event will centre around how we can tackle this conundrum today. More info.


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