Activities for young people (<35 y) interested in buddhism.

We are Triratna Young Buddhists NL. We organize activitities for young buddhists and young people interested in buddhism, throughout the whole year. We practice buddhism with the context of Triratna. Our activities contain meditation, buddhist input from buddhist teachers, ritual, discussion and quite a lot of socializing as well. We think our events are quite ‘gezellig’ ;-). If you are new: let’s meet up! We’d love to meet you and we don’t bite 😉 Check out what’s coming up next!

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Amritapurna, Gerda, Antonnie, Jamie, Rutger & Marieke

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  • June 14th 11-17h: Young Buddhist Home Day Retreat with Amritapurna: Going deeper – Balancing the 5 spiritual qualities.

    During this day retreat you will have the opportunity to explore how the buddhist path can support you to love from your depths in the midst of your everyday life. To bring stillness and wisdom to all complexities of your responsibilities, activities and relationships in the world. We will look at the five spiritual faculties of faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom.

    This event will be online via Zoom. First session from 11am to 12pm, followed by a free reflective period and ending with a session from 4:30pm to 5pm. Price: a suggested donation of 10 to 15 euros for the Buddhist Center Amsterdam. Please subscribe by e-mailing us:

Experiences Triratna Young Buddhists

Steven Heyde went on an internation Young Buddhist retreat in India last winter and wrote down his experiences. You can read all about it out by downloading his Word file.


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