Triratna Day 2020

Amsterdam, March 15th 2020

Dear friends in France, Germany, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands,

The celebration in Amsterdam of 53 years Triratna community (Triratna days on April 4th and 5th) is not going to happen this year.  We have decided to cancel it because of the Corona virus that is still spreading through our countries.

Travelling and being together in large numbers is highly discouraged for reasons we all know:  to protect ourselves and by doing that protecting others as well. We feel it is important to make sure we do everything we can to slow down the spreading of the virus and to support people working in health care service and all those we highly depend on in our daily life.

We trust you all understand our decision and we hope to see you next year to celebrate Triratna-day with us in Amsterdam. The dates will be 3rd and 4th April 2021.

We are so lucky to have the Buddha’s teachings as a guide in our lives. Our teacher Sangharakshita  has expressed so beautifully in one of his poems what life is about.

Life is king
Hour after hour, day
After day we try
To grasp the Ungraspable, pinpoint
The Unpredictable. Flowers
Wither when touched, ice
Suddenly cracks beneath our feet. Vainly
We try to track bird flight through the sky trace
Dumb fish through deep water, try
To anticipate the earned smile the soft
Reward, even
Try to grasp our own lives. But Life
Slips through our fingers
Like snow. Life
Cannot belong to us. We
Belong to Life. Life
Is King.

We wish you all well, and ‘till we meet again,
In metta,

Parina, Arthamitra, Arno, Maitridaya, Wineke, Mokshagandhi