Help our sangha flourish and pass on the dharma

Give the Amsterdam Buddhist Centre a future with a regular monthly donation

How can you help to make the Amsterdam sangha flourish?

The Amsterdam Buddhist Center is growing and flourishing because of the generosity of everyone in the sangha. You are probably already giving as well, be it in the form of volunteering your time, ad hoc donation after an activity, or a regular monthly gift. We appreciate this a lot: you are helping us pass on the dharma.

However, we need more financial support. Thanks to a previous large donation giftwe can support the role of a chair, who gives all their energy to the center, and with great results. Next to that we invest in training order members and volunteers, and in a nice range of courses, study groups and other activities. And we are dreaming of growing the center further, with for example an order member who organises activities for young people, or a larger venue where even more people can learn about the dharma.

Our expenses and revenues are not in balance yet and we are exhausting our reserves. We need more regular income to be able to support our chair and pay for other regular costs. This is why we have set the aim to increase our yearly income from regular donations from 12.000 to 18.000 euros. Everything we receive on top of that, we can use to realise our other dreams.

Do you want to help increase our regular income?

> At this moment you only give dana after participating in an activity

Would you be able to give us a monthly gift next to your dana for activities? If everyone involved in our center gives 20 euros monthly, we will reach our goal! Of course smaller or larger amounts are very welcome as well. 

> You already give monthly or yearly dana next to dana for activities.

Would you be able to increase your monthly or yearly dana gift? For example to 20 euros a month? If you already give more than that and you have room to increase your dana, could you consider raising your donation, for example by 20 percent?

With a five year contract part of your donation is refunded through tax deduction

The Amsterdam Buddhist Center is an ANBI foundation, which means that starting from a certain amount you can deduct your dana from taxes. And the tax benefits are even larger if you sign a five year contract for a monthly or yearly gift. Depending on your income level, you can get 37-43% of your entire donation refunded! This already pays off starting at a small donation amount. More information about how this works is provided in the BCA and on our website. You can also ask our treasurer (Gerda) or a member of the fundraising team (Abhayanetri, Ditti, and Max). 

Our bank account details:

IBAN: NL98 INGB 0002 4983 34, Stichting Boeddhistisch Centrum Amsterdam Triratna