Welcome to the Triratna Buddhist Centre Amsterdam!

Are you looking for a meaningful life and meaningful connections with other people? Meditation and practicing Buddhist principles can help you to realize this. It creates a better mental state, a clear mind and, as a consequence, a more meaningful life.

Who we are

The Boeddhistisch Centrum Amsterdam is part of the international Triratna Buddhist Order and community. https://thebuddhistcentre.com/

The centre in Amsterdam organizes activities around meditation and Buddhist teachings for both experienced and inexperienced meditators. All our regular classes are in Dutch, but you are very welcome to join us at the following activities if you have some experience in meditation:

Early bird meditation:

A good start of the day! We meditate together and have a cup of tea or coffee afterwards for those who want to. There is no meditation instruction, just our little tinkling meditation bell. You can also join us for just a single meditation.

Every Tuesday 7.30-8.15 and 8.30-9.15 hrs.
Every Friday 8.30-9.15 and 9.30-10.15 hrs.

Location : BCA (WG Terrain) Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 56 Amsterdam

Costs: dana/donation

Information: info@bcatriratna.nl

Conversations with an order member about your meditation practice /
any questions you have about Buddhist principles

We might not have many activities in English but it’s always possible to talk with an order member about your meditation practice, or about Buddhist principles. Email us if you like to meet one of us: info@bcatriratna.nl

Location : BCA (WG Terrain) Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 56 Amsterdam

Costs: dana / donation

Study groups

We organize several study groups on various Buddhist themes in Dutch.
If you have been coming to our center for a while and you want to delve deeper into the dharma, please let us know. If there is sufficient interest, we will start a new study group (in English ). You can also email us about this: info@bcatriratna.nl

Sangha walks

Sangha walks are organized by Guido, once in every 6 weeks. Guido sets out for us an adventurous walk of approximately 14 kilometer each time, for people who have an affinity with the Triratna movement. It is a relaxed way to solidify our connections with each other and enjoy nature. During the walk there is always a period in which we walk in meditative silence. The points of departure are always easily accessible by public transport from Amsterdam and are free of charge. Please email us if you want to join one of the walks.

Details about the walks can be found in the agenda.

In general

If you want more information, you can contact us by phone, e-mail (info@bcatriratna.nl) or in person in our centre. Visit us (see for our programme and opening hours this website) or fill in our contact form; if you do the latter, we will contact you.
For more information about the Buddhist movement Triratna see: