Welcome to the Triratna Buddhist Centre Amsterdam!

COVID-19: We are following the recent COVID-19 advice from the Dutch Government.
We are closed for evening activities till January 25th 2022. We expect to be able to meditate together again in the buddhist centre from Jan 28th.

Please read here how we keep our centre covid free.

Are you looking for a more purposeful life?  Do you want more meaningful connections with other people?  Could you be in a better relationship with yourself?

If the answer is yes, then practicing meditation and living in accordance with Buddhist principles can help you move towards these goals. The Buddhist path of ethics, meditation, and wisdom supports a more joyful mental state, a clearer mind, and ultimately a more meaningful life.

The Boeddhistisch Centrum Amsterdam (BCA) – as part of the international Triratna Buddhist Order and community – offers a range of activities around meditation and Buddhism.  These are aimed at people who are new to both subjects, and at those with more experience in these areas. 

Most of our regular classes and activities are in Dutch but we offer certain events in English, on the Wednesday evenings; and many meditation activities do not require understanding of either language.

Many Triratna publications are translated in many languages, e.g. Polish, Turkish and even Russian. Here you’ll find more information.

Regarding cost, all our regular events are operated on the basis of ‘dana’, (meaning ‘generosity’) in the form of voluntary donations.  Donations can be made in cash at the BCA; or through bank transfer using the details at the bottom of this page.

Safeguarding and ethical guidelines.
The councils of Triratna Centres in the Netherlands have established ethical and safeguarding guidelines, that you can read here.

From Dec 15th – Jan 15th we fundraise for the Young buddhist coördinators in India. We try to raise 3500 euro together with the Ghent Sangha.  Please have a look at our homepage, the short film is in English.

On Jan 16th 10.30-12.30 we celebrate this “month of giving” with a zoom meeting. Young people from India will join us as will Viryavardhini and the Ghent sangha. You are welcome to join us.  The link will be published in our agenda.

Upcoming events in English:

feb 20

Matteo’s project online

20 februari @ 11:30 - 12:30
mrt 03

Berlin Buddhist Centre

3 maart @ 08:00 - 6 maart @ 17:00

Are you new to meditation and Buddhism?

For people who are new to these topics and want to explore them at their own place we recommend the following resources:

Introductory meditation practices – online

Two meditation practices are recommended for beginners: the ‘Mindfulness of Breathing’ and the ‘Metta Bhavana’ (the cultivation of loving kindness).  You may find it helpfull to learn more about these through online classes at the London Buddhist Centre here.

Beginner meditation instruction – Have a look at Buddhism and meditation in a nutshell (see the Agenda for specific dates)

When we are open again, we offer english language meditation and introduction on the Wednesday evenings.

The Buddhist Centre Online

There is a wealth of introductory talks, lectures, videos, and daily podcasts on meditation and Buddhism available from The Buddhist Centre Online here.  This website also provides news about the numerous Triratna centres operating worldwide.

Free Buddhist Audio website

This website is operated by the Triratna Buddhist Community and offers a range of audio material for streaming or download. You will find a large number of guided meditations, introductions to meditation, and lectures on Buddhist teachings.

Some experience in meditation or Buddhism?

You are very welcome to join us at the following activities:

‘Early bird’ meditation – Tuesday and Friday morning in-person at the BCA

A great way to start the day!  On Tuesday and Friday mornings we meditate together as a group.  We hold two meditation sessions of around 45 minutes each, with a 15 minute break in between.  On Tuesdays, one meditation at 8.30am.  On Friday, the sessions are 8.30am and 9.30am.  You can join for either one of the sessions, or stay or both. After the second meditation session you are welcome to stay for a cup of tea or coffee.

No meditation instruction will be given – just the chiming of the meditation bell.  We usually practice the ‘Mindfulness of Breathing’, the ‘Metta Bhavana’ (see the other sections for links to instructional material), or simply an ‘open meditation’.  You can, of course, choose to do another meditation practice if you wish.

Worldwide Triratna meditation – Monday to Saturday at 8.30am, 1:30pm, and 7.30pm (CET) online.

If you enjoy meditating with others online you can do this three times a day, six days a week.  Information is available here.  These meditations are not guided.  After a short introduction from the meditation leader, you will hear the bells and be able to see other people meditating in their own homes across the world.

Conversations with an Order Member about meditation and/or Buddhist principles – in-person by appointment at the BCA.

Although our range of in-person English-language activities is limited, we have several English-speaking Order Members with whom you can meet to discuss your meditation practice, and/or to explore Buddhist principles in more detail. Please email us if you like to arrange this kind of meeting: info@bcatriratna.nl.

Study groups – to be arranged

Our current study groups on Buddhist teaching and practice are held in Dutch. These groups provide a more structured way to explore Buddhist ideas.  If there is sufficient interest, we can start a new study group in English.  If you are interested in this, please email us: info@bcatriratna.nl