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The play of now: Presence, Openness & Joy

29 september 2020 @ 19:00 21:30

Deze avond is volgeboekt / no places available anymore

Bringing embodiment to the practice of meditation, incorporating vitality and joyful exploration.

Embodied practice starts with listening in, and not losing that quality while we are engaged in the world. Listening to the world can fill us with the quality of wonder, and openness to all that manifests.  That wonder we can also use inside our meditation practice. No experience of movement or improvisation is required.

Jayachitta enjoys using the practice of body-based methods, like improvisation, to help deepen the experience of meditation and attending to the mind. She lives in Berlin and was ordained in the Triratna Buddhist Order thirty years ago.

€20 Price: BCA relies entirely on donations, we receive no other funding. For this event we recommend 55 euro for Sept 27th and Oct 3rd and 20 euro for the workshops on the other 3 days. You can give more or less than the recommendation if you wish. You can transfer it to NL98INGB0002498334 (Stichting Boeddhistisch Centrum Amsterdam). Your booking is definite when you have paid.
Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 56 (WG-Terrein)
Amsterdam, Nederland