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16 september @ 10:30 17:00

Our minds and digital technology co-create a world of experience, with its own particular pleasures, pains, opportunities, and traps: the cyberloka. Prajnaketu, author of Cyberloka: a Buddhist guide to Digital Life will lead a day retreat exploring how to bring greater awareness and freedom into our digital lives.

The day will include meditation, reflections, discussion, and some ritual, as well as a bring-your-own vegan lunch.

“Prajnaketu doesn’t tell us what to think, instead he teaches us how to think about the ethics of our Internet use. Cyberloka is the Buddhist guide that’s been waiting to be written!” Subhadramati, author of Not About Being Good: a Practical Guide to Buddhist Ethics

Prajnaketu ‘he who holds a lamp of wisdom’ was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2014. After many years as the Triratna young Buddhist co-ordinator for Europe, he’s currently Director of the Urgyen Sangharakshita Trust and teaches Buddhism in Oxford.

  • Aanmelden:
  • Prijs: 25 euro. Bij voorkeur overmaken naar NL98INGB0002498334 (onder vermelding van ‘16 september’), cash in de danaschaal in het Boeddhistisch Centrum of via de doneerknop (zie boven). Een belangrijk principe voor ons is dat je geeft wat je kunt; mocht 25 euro te veel zijn, dan mag je minder geven. Is het te weinig dan mag je meer geven.
  • Locatie: Boeddhistisch Centrum Amsterdam (Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 56, Amsterdam (WG-Terrein)