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Moving through the world with an open heart: for young people <35

29 april 2023 @ 10:30 16:30

We have invited Jayachitta to offer a day for us, and we are looking forward to explore the practice of Tonglen, with meditation, movement and voice.

Tonglen is a meditation practice centred around compassion in response to the sufferings of the world. The word ‘tonglen”means “to send out and to receive”. The practice is closely related to the training of the Bodhisattva, whose heart opens unconditionally to all life and living beings.

Pema Chodron says: All living beings without exception have an inherent tenderness of the heart, its natural tendency to love and care for others. But over time, in order to shield ourselves from feeling pain and discomfort, we have erected solid barriers that cover up our tenderness and vulnerability”.

Everybody is welcome and previous experience is not needed. Please bring your own lunch. We provide tea and coffee.

More about Jayachitta.

  • Aanmelden: aanmelden via
  • Prijs: Dana. Boeddhistische principe van vrijgevigheid. Bij voorkeur overmaken naar NL98INGB0002498334 (onder vermelding van ‘29 april Jayachitta ’), cash in de danaschaal in het Boeddhistisch Centrum, met de QR code in BCA of via de doneerknop (zie boven). We suggereren 20-25 euro voor de hele dag.
  • Locatie: Boeddhistisch Centrum Amsterdam (Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 56, Amsterdam (WG-Terrein)