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29 januari @ 13:30 15:30

Onderwerp:  Meditatie- en themadagen

25 September: Meditation in Movement with Elena

This month we dedicate our meditation-and themeday to explore the connection with our bodies. How do we relate to our bodies in our everyday life? And how does this effect the quality of our relations and meditation?

10.30-12.30 We explore the theme of “slowing down” in the morning. The rhythm of the city can easlily be overwhelming. We will explore how we bring the attention more inward and listen to our bodies through movement.

13.30-15.30The theme of the afternoon will be “awareness in relating to others”. The quality of presence that we cultivate in meditative practices, is often experienced individually. We will explore how we can apply this in interaction with others. We will move together using different games and practices inspired both by buddhist teachings and non-violent martrial arts.

You can join for the whole day or for the morning or afternoon (with or without lunch).

Costs: you can contribute to this event on the base of dana (a gift, donation). We suggest €25 for the whole day including lunch while inviting you to take a moment to check with yourself what contribution feels faire and sustainable for you and the buddhist centre.

Elena Zanchettamy life right now revolves around following and researching my passion for authentic communication. This becomes concrete in the way I live: community, sharing space, time and energy to co-create nests wherever I am. I strive for honesty and self-responsibility, openness and choice. In my work, teaching and researching NVC, movement meditations and body work/massaging. I am granted a lot of energy in this life and I decide to use it to create spaces and projects that nourish a sense of freedom and shared responsibility for each other (humans and not).

(for more general information in English see below the Dutch text)

Soms wordt er gezegd dat het doel van boeddhistische beoefening is om inzicht te verwerven in de ware aard der dingen, en eigenlijk is dit ook zo. Maar de aard van dat inzicht is niet een algemeen, abstract, begrijpen en het komt niet zomaar. Er is veel voorbereiding voor nodig: allereerst moet men zijn/haar bewustzijn helder maken. (..) Volgens de boeddhistische traditie kan heel veel van deze voorbereiding het beste gedaan worden door een krachtige en creatieve meditatiebeoefening”.         uit:  Met gewaarzijn leven, Sangharakshita, pagina 9


De ochtend begint om 10.30 (welkom vanaf 10.15) en eindigt om 12.30.

De middag begint om 13.30 en eindigt om 15.30 u

Lunch is vanaf 12.30-13.30. Wij zorgen voor soep. Je kunt iets meebrengen om te delen.

Je kunt de hele dag komen of een dagdeel. Iedereen is welkom bij de lunch.


We bieden deze dagen aan op basis van Dana (vrijgevigheid) . Onze suggestie voor de hele dag is 25 euro. Je kunt je bijdrage overmaken naar rekeningnummer NL98 INGB0002498334, via de donatieknop op onze website of contant in onze danaschaal. Alvast bedankt, zeer gewaardeerd!                      

Graag uiterlijk de zaterdag voorafgaand aan de meditatie-en themadag  via   

Informatie/vragen:   of tel. 020-6327795

Data:  zondag 25 september,  zondag 16 oktober, zondag 20 november, zondag 18 december

Voor wie:

De ochtend staat in het teken van meditatie en is voor iedereen die onze beide meditaties kent. 

De middag is open voor iedereen:  verschillende mensen uit de sangha delen hun beoefening en zoektocht op een unieke en creatieve manier.

  • 25 september: Elena met Meditation in Movement.  
  • 16 oktober: Boris met Mindfull animaties maken.
  • 20 november: Gunabhadri en Parina: een dag over Metta en de Boeddha Amitabha.
  • 18 december: Jetkse met Platform Aarde-Werk
  • 29 januari: Silavadin en Ed Stockmans meditatie en meditatieve muziek

“It is sometimes said that the aim of Buddhist practice is to attain insight into the true nature of
things, and that is fair enough, in a way. But the nature of that insight is not a general, abstract
understanding, and it will not come about by chance. A great deal of preparation is needed- first to
clarify one’s own consciousness (…) And according to tradition, much of this preparation is best done
through the vigorous and creative practice of meditation”

“Living with awareness”, Sangharakshita, page 7

The morning starts at 10.30 (welcome from 10.15) and ends at 12.30. The afternoon starts at 13.30
and ends at 15.30. Lunch is from 12.30-13.30. We will provide soup and we encourage you to bring
something to share. You can come all day or for part of the day. Everyone is welcome at lunch.

On the basis of dana (voluntary donation). Our suggestion for the whole day is €25,00You can use the donation button on our website, or
transfer the your dana to our bank account rekeningnummer NL98 INGB0002498334 (stichting BCA
Triratna) or leave your dana in the danabowl in our centre. Thank you very much, very much

Please book at latest on the Saturday before

Information/questions: of tel. 020-6327795

Dates: Sunday 25 th September, Sunday 16 th October, Sunday 20 th November, Sunday 18 th December

Who is this suitable for?
The morning is all about meditation: it is suitable for anyone who knows both of the Triratna
beginner meditations (mindfulness of breathing, Metta Bhavana).

The afternoon is open to everyone: different members of the Sangha will share their practice and
aspects of their spiritual journey in a unique and creative way.

  • 25 th September: Elena with Moving Meditation
  • 16 th October: Boris with Mindful creating animations
  • 20 th November: A session about Metta and the Buddha Amitabha