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Meditatie-themadag: het Sangha Juweel

19 maart @ 10:30 16:00

Het thema van deze dag is: het Sangha Juweel. Waarom heeft de Boeddha het Sangha Juweel dezelfde waarde en betekenis gegeven als de beide andere Juwelen: de Boeddha en de Dharma? En hoe geven we dit in Triratna, invulling?

What is Sangha?

  • What did the Buddha mean when he showed his monks and lay followers that the Sangha Jewel is as significant as the Dharma and Buddha jewel?
  • What does sangha mean within the Triratna tradition?

A day where we will ‘do’ sangha, ‘be’ sangha and explore/experience sangha in various ways: through meditation, with a talk by Padmasuri *, president of the Amsterdam Buddhist Centre, an interactive workshop and a puja, a ritual evoking the transcendental sangha

And of course there will be plenty of time to mingle during the tea breaks and lunch. Please bring something to share. We will make soup for everyone. 

Please book   It will be great if you can come for the whole day but in case that’s not possible, you’re welcome for either the morning (lunch is 12.30 – 14.00) or the afternoon.

The day will be mostly in English, and translation is ALWAYS possible. Looking forward to see you!

We offer this day on dana bases, which means that we invite you to give what you can to keep the Centre sustainable. We suggest 15-20 euro.

Padmasuri, Parina en Akasasuri

* Padmasuri wrote 3 books, one about her time working in India amongst the lowest caste, one about her experience of working full-time for a Triratna Buddhist business in the UK (Windhorse Evolution) and one called ‘Unfolding’ (how I became a Buddhist and what I did next).
She’s an engaging speaker, always relating back to her own experience which makes her teachings very accessible and applicable.