A day with Dhiraprabha

Title:                                 Speaking from silence
Subject:                          One of the main practices quackers do is what is called “speaking form silence”.
Actually, it’s not about speaking at all, but about discerning a felt sense of inner
wisdom so that inspiration can express itself through us. How can this practice
support us in our dharma life?

UK based order member Dhiraprabha was born in a quacker family and will lead this weekend.


Dates&time:               Friday 14 dec (introduction) 19.30-21.30 hrs
Saturday 15 dec (workshop) 10.30-17.30 hrs
food:                               Bring your own lunch
Location:                      BCA WG
Costs:                            Dana/donation basis (suggestion € 15 evening; € 35,- day)
Sign up via:                  Please contact us if you’d like to join: info@bcatriratna.nl
Info/questions:          Viryamani

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